Current research is aimed at investigating the

We have shown that RV 3C protease, essential for RV replication Fake Designer Bags, is localised to the nuclei of infected cells, resulting in degradation of components of the nuclear pore complex the key structure regulating transport into and out of the nucleus. Current research is aimed at investigating the nucleocytoplasmic transport of 3C protease with a view to understanding its role in RV induced asthma exacerbations.Drug/DNA delivery to the nucleusGene therapy, the expression in cells of therapeutic DNA to replace faulty genes, has long been awaited to treat numerous debilitating inherited diseases including many cancers. The reality, however has been somewhat disappointing, with most gene therapy delivery agents (vectors) relying on viruses to deliver the therapeutic DNA, resulting in numerous safety complications including insertional mutagenesis and unwanted immunological responses.

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