President Barack Obama nominated Hagel

I was in a funk, a major one and I don’t think most people who are excited to get married drunkenly walk around Times Square alone at night with sunglasses on to hide their tears as they judge «happy» tourists (yea, I did a lot of that too). In the words of the great Roxette, Listen To Your Heart. It’s a tough thing to figure out since big life changes can make us all emotional, so be sure to take some time (meditate, go for long walks, journal, sit in silence, whatever works for you) to figure out if you’re crying tears of joy or tears of sadness..

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replica oakleys WASHINGTON, DC JANUARY 31: Senate Armed Services Committee member Sen. Senator Chuck Hagel (R NE) arrive for Hagel’s confirmation hearing to become the next secretary of defense on Capitol Hill January 31, 2013 in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama nominated Hagel, a controversial choice as Hagel opposed former President George W. replica oakleys

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