«Treated like a starMr Wood’s wife

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping I’ve seen it so many times I couldn’t even start to count.»She accompanied Martin Wood on a tour of the film locations around Shrewsbury.The Square was used for the opening scenes of the film, covered in snow with people walking about in Victorian dress.Martin recalled an incident where filming was stopped for an ambulance to get through the Square.At the end of the day, the producers phoned the hospital and discovered it was a mother in childbirth.»As a form of apology for holding the ambulance up, which they didn’t actually do, the producers turned up at maternity with a massive big bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and a big bottle of champagne to wet the baby’s head.»Treated like a starMr Wood’s wife, Sue, did not go along to the filming at first.Clive Donner, the director, asked him where his wife was and he explained that because she used a wheelchair she was unable to see what was going on.The scenes there were filmed at 2am and a raised railway was built across the graves to carry a box on wheels with a pole sticking out of it.Martin Wood was also the double for Michael Carter, who played the Spirit of Christmas Future: «We had to stand on this box and grip it with our knees. While we were doing this guys would be pulling us along.»Scrooge came in and got down on his hands and knees and the spirit literally floated over the graves and came above him»He also managed to terrify the Bishop of Shrewsbury’s wife, who had come to watch the filming. He came up behind her, dressed all in black: «When she stepped back and turned round to see who it was, she screamed.»Mr Wood was particularly impressed by the special effects used by the film makers.Looking down Fish Street in Shrewsbury St Julian’s Church should be visible, but in the film the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral appears Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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