FTW: Cooking Class at De Gustibus Cooking School At first

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canada goose jackets on sale The worktops were covered in flour and drips of egg mixture. The mess somewhat promised pancakes on the menu, but I could not be certain in this moment. I said that I was going to give breakfast a miss that day and take the car to the garage. FTW: Cooking Class at De Gustibus Cooking School At first glance, I wasn’t sure I’d want to participate in a two hour cooking class. I mean I can think of other things to do with two hours like watch the Britney episode of Glee twice but I went and I was thoroughly impressed. The best part of the class is that you get to sit and watch world class chefs show you how to make their food and then you get to taste it. canada goose jackets on sale

canada goose black friday Visiting the lovely city of Salzburg? If you have an interest in music, the Mozarteum should definitely be your first stop after you settle in from your Salzburg airport transfers. This magnificent university, in the centre of the fabulous city, specialises in music and dramatic arts. Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born and grew up in the Austrian city, the university is, unsurprisingly, one of the most respected universities in the world for music students canada goose black friday.

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