A Rich chocolate flavour meets divine peanut butter

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canada goose After a cabinet meeting last week it said it now expected GDP growth of 6 percent and inflation to end the year at 15 percent.GDP growth in the first half of this year may quicken to an annual rate of 5.6 percent, from 5.43 percent in the first quarter, the government said on Friday.On the fiscal side, the IMF said Vietnam needs «a clear deficit reduction path to make the commitments to consolidation more concrete».The IMF noted that the Vietnamese currency has been trading within its band, and said foreign exchange reserves had started to rise, and were $13.5 billion in May, up $0.9 billion.The Asian Development Bank reported in April that Vietnam’s foreign exchange reserves last year dropped 12 percent from 2009 to $12.4 billion and were enough to cover 1.9 months of imports at the end of 2010.The IMF said expectations that the dong will again come under pressure remained «entrenched».On Feb. 11 the State Bank of Vietnam devalued the dong by 8.5 percent, narrowed its trading band against the dollar and later enacted a set of administrative measures to try to fight «dollarisation» of the economy.The beleaguered currency, which had shed more than 20 percent of its value in the three years leading up to the latest devaluation, has been largely stable recently.The Vietnamese economy grew 5.3 percent in 2009 and 6.8 percent last year. (Additional reporting by Tran Le Thuy; Editing by Kim Coghill) canada goose.

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